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Whether you’re a first-time founder or a seasoned innovation leader, we at CDS-LUTHI Intellectual Property Group are here to support and guide you through all stages of your IP journey.

Our holistic IP practice, developed over decades of professional experience, focuses on crafting creative IP solutions for supporting your business strategy and maximizing value. Your success is our passion.

Our Services

No matter the size and stage of your venture, our comprehensive, innovation-forward IP services will steer your business to success.


We offer comprehensive IP strategy services that are tailored to your business goals and needs, for securing competitive advantage and maximizing value.

Prepare & Protect

Our highly-experienced IP procurement team will ensure that your IP assets are effectively identified and safeguarded, and your business needs met.


Defending your IP rights is a top priority for us, and our unparalleled litigation expertise is guaranteed to craft the solutions that work for you.


By employing any of a wide range of monetization and licensing strategies, we can help you to unlock the full potential of your IP assets and create new business opportunities.

Our Team

Recognition & Rankings

CDS-LUTHI is consistently being recognized for our top-tier IP expertise by leading ranking organizations and industry publications around the world.

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