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In order to be maintained, registered IP rights need to be periodically renewed by paying maintenance fees. Ensuring timely renewals across all registered intellectual property rights – including patents, designs, and trademarks – is essential. At CDS-LUTHI Intellectual Property Group, we developed a proven cost-effective renewal system, guaranteeing that your IPRs will not be lost.

Why is timely renewal across all IPRs essential?

In today’s competitive business landscape, failing to renew your intellectual property rights on time can lead to loss of rights that will offer competitors the opportunity to make use of the previously protected rights. Missed renewals, which are often not correctable, can thus inadvertently advantage competitors and can shift market dynamics. Recognizing and acting on each and every renewal deadline is integral to maintaining a firm stance in the market.

How do we ensure timely renewal for your IP assets?

The renewal of intellectual property rights requires precision and a deep understanding of varied timelines and requirements – across IPRs and across jurisdictions. Our dedicated paralegal team excels in this domain, seamlessly managing intricate IP portfolios with a methodology we’ve optimized over time. This method ensures each renewal, be it for patents, designs, or trademarks, is addressed quickly and diligently.

Maintain your competitive edge by ensuring the longevity of your registered IP assets. Contact us today at CDS-LUTHI for having your IP portfolio assessed and managed, ensuring each business-forward asset is protected and fully utilized.

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