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Adv./Attorney at Law, MBA, LLB


Israel Bar Association

Adv. Rotem Cohen, Senior Associate at Luthi & Co., has been an integral member of the firm since she joined in 2000. An alumnus of the Hebrew University with an LL.B. degree, and also holding an MBA from the College of Management, Rotem combines both legal prowess and strategic business acumen in her work.

Over her substantial tenure at the firm, Rotem has established a solid reputation for her comprehensive expertise in IP litigation management, overseeing a range of cases encompassing patents, trademarks, copyright, and designs. In particular, her concentrated efforts in trademark infringement litigation emphasize her dedication to protecting client interests, defending their reputations, and upholding the integrity of their brands.

Additionally, Rotem holds a unique specialization in service inventions and the nuanced disputes that arise between employers and employees regarding IP rights. Primarily serving major high-tech and pharmaceutical companies, Rotem’s in-depth grasp of IP law intricacies and her unwavering commitment to the field have earned her international recognition.


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