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IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In the intricate realm of intellectual property, disputes and conflicts may sadly often arise. Given their inherent complexity, the path to resolving these disputes is tortuous and demands expert strategic guidance. With our unmatched expertise, managing legal campaigns worldwide, we at CDS-LUTHI Intellectual Property Group are positioned to navigate the traitorous waters of litigation and dispute resolution and guide you to success.

Why and when should I consider litigation?

As the innovator behind groundbreaking ideas, your intellectual property stands as a cornerstone of your business. However, disputes over patent validity and infringement, trademark infringement, copyright ownership, and more, can cast a shadow over your success. Our team recognizes that full-blown litigations may be damaging and disruptive to your business and should, thus, be avoided as much as possible. Accordingly, alternative solutions, including mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions are preferred whenever possible. However, at times, litigation is unavoidable for preserving your rights or defending your stance against claims of others. Overall, effective and strategically-focused litigation and dispute resolution measures are critical. With CDS-LUTHI, you gain a partner with an unparalleled track record of excellence in intellectual property litigation, both on a local and international scale.

Why choose CDS-LUTHI for litigation management?

Led by Adv. Richard Luthi, our legal team boasts unmatched expertise in IP litigation and dispute resolution. With an exceptional reputation earned over several decades of active practice, we have been at the forefront of major IP litigation cases in Israel, representing leading multinational pharmaceutical, high-tech, and traditional technology companies and also from managing global patent litigation campaigns for multinational corporations. Our dedicated attorneys possess the unique ability to present even the most intricate technological issues across courts, and craft creative solutions to fit your business concerns and budget.

Can CDS-LUTHI manage my international IP disputes?

Beyond our local litigation prowess, CDS-LUTHI has vast expertise in management of patent litigation in multiple jurisdictions, coordinating efforts and strategies in transnational IP disputes. With a proven track record of working with clients, including multinational global corporations, across territories such as the US, EU, Australia, Brazil, and more, we are well-versed in addressing the diverse legal landscapes of various jurisdictions. Our strategic guidance ensures that your IP disputes are managed effectively on a global scale, adhering to local needs and regulations while maximizing your chances of success.

Resolve IP disputes with confidence. Contact us today at CDS-LUTHI to discuss your needs in enforcing or defending your IP rights.

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