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Adv./Attorney at Law, LLB


Israel Bar Association, INTA, AIPPI, LES, Israel Copyright Association, ALAI

Richard Luthi, Adv., founder of Luthi & Co., has been instrumental in shaping the intellectual property landscape in Israel. Under his leadership, the firm has emerged as one of the foremost authorities in IP litigation, with Richard himself being recognized as a premier IP litigator both in Israel and internationally.

For over three decades, Richard has been at the forefront of intellectual property law, spearheading numerous major cases and leaving an indelible mark on Israel’s IP jurisprudence. His innovative approach, exemplified by his ability to “think outside the box,” has been instrumental in the international expansion of the firm’s practice. He has adeptly managed and advised both domestic and international clients on intricate international litigation matters. In addition, his crucial consultations with the Israeli Government and representation in the Knesset underscore his stature as a key influencer in discussions involving the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

Richard’s commitment to academia is evident in his dedication to molding the next generation of IP professionals. He has shared his expertise as an adjunct Professor of Law, teaching Patent Law at Haifa University from 2010-2012 and advanced Patent Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during 2016-2017. His scholarly contributions also include co-authoring a chapter on the “Protection of Inventions in Medicinal Chemistry” in the esteemed textbook “The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry” alongside Christopher Brice z”l, a feat that has garnered praise from the scientific and legal realms alike.

Richard’s unwavering commitment to public service shines through in his contributions to several governmental committees, where he played a pivotal role in the evolution and refinement of Intellectual Property legislation in Israel.


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