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  • World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

    By Mirit Lotan, PhD
    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top-10 global public health threats facing humanity and this is the theme of the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week to take place during November 18 to 24. Antibiotics act by interfering with…
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  • An Audiovisual Heritage of Humanity?

    By Ayelet Shwartz
    One might wonder what Thomas Edison and the Lumière brothers would have thought about it... What is considered to be audiovisual heritage in today's digital age?
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  • Israeli Innovators at the Forefront of Brain Health Solutions

    By Zvi Jacobson; Ayelet Shwartz
    World Brain Day 2023 was celebrated on July 22 as an initiative of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN), using the slogan "Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind." Recognizing the importance of the day, we decided to give a platform to a number of trends and pioneering companies in the field and tell about their contribution to the latest developments intended to save lives and improve the quality of life.
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  • A New Trademark Bite at the Apple

    By Erin Sherf
    Apple is seeking to expand its trademark protection by registering a trademark for the actual shape of an apple depicted in black-and-white. While the shape of an apple is considered generic and freely usable for certain goods like fruits and produce, Apple argues that for other products, the shape is distinctive and arbitrary, making it eligible for trademark registration. However, this raises some important questions and concerns.
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  • Navigating the UPC: European Patentees Face Monumental Change and Choices

    By Ilan Cohn, PhD
    In a few months a monumental change in the European patent landscape will take place with the coming into force of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) of the European Union (EU). This change will permit patentees to have a single Unified Patent (UP) across most of EU territory and, hence, covering one of the three largest economic regions of the world.
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  • World Diabetes Day – 2022

    By Ilan Cohn, PhD; Myriam Schnur
    November 14 was designated by the United Nations as World Diabetes Day. The prevalence of diabetes has increased dramatically over recent decades and reached a global epidemic level, with major health and health economic consequences worldwide.
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  • World Intellectual Property Indicators 2021 – Key Findings

    By Ilan Cohn, PhD
    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published a report earlier this week on global intellectual property (IP) activity in 2020. There are some very interesting findings in this report, that provide an insight on global economic activity and trends, as summarized below.
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  • Israeli Knesset Backs Law Boosting Local Generic Pharma’s Global Edge

    By Ilan Cohn, PhD; Mirit Lotan, PhD
    The Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) has voted, in a first reading, in favor of a proposed amendment to the Israeli Patents Law (1967) that aims to increase the global competitive advantage of Israeli generic pharmaceutical companies.
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