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In the fast-paced world of the retail and consumer sector, intellectual property serves as the backbone that upholds brand identity and ensures market distinction. As businesses strive for differentiation in crowded markets, the value of a unique design, a recognizable trademark, or a carefully crafted brand strategy becomes immeasurable. At CDS-LUTHI Intellectual Property Group, we amplify this value, advancing IP strategies that not only protect but elevate brands in the competitive retail landscape.

Trademarks are more than merely logos or slogans; they embody the reputation, reliability, and essence of a brand. Their registration and rigorous protection ensure that the public can identify the origin of products and services, thus establishing and maintaining consumer trust. Similarly, designs – be they aesthetic elements of a product or its packaging – not only contribute to its appeal but also stand as symbols of innovation, setting apart one brand from the other.

However, the very traits that make trademarks and designs valuable also make them susceptible to infringement. The retail landscape is riddled with counterfeit products that not only dilute brand value but can also mislead and deceive consumers. This emphasizes the need for careful, consistent monitoring and, when needed, taking decisive measures against those believed to be infringing upon brand rights. Pursuing legal action is a clear indication of a brand’s unwavering commitment to its values and to the consumers it serves.

Our expertise extends beyond mere trademark and design registration. We delve deep into brand strategy, assisting businesses in leveraging their IP assets for market success. Our seasoned legal team is adept at litigating infringed rights and taking decisive action against counterfeiters, ensuring that our clients’ assets remain uncompromised.

Stand out in the bustling retail market with a fortified IP strategy. Contact us to reinforce your brand’s identity and distinction.


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  • Smartwatches
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